The Flower writing system demystifies the writing process so you can write with ease.

What is appealing about the writing course?

It’s easy.

It’s simple.

It’s short.

It’s self-paced.

It’s artsy.

It’s got nice worksheets.

Who is the ideal student?

It’s ideal for academics, researchers, professionals, practitioners, autodidacts, artists, designers, ecologists, change-makers, aspiring writers, and students in general.

It’s for those whom English is their second language.

What is the approach?

Learn by doing. Practice makes progress. The system is exercise-driven. Active learning strategies. Engaging and Exciting exercise. Concepts are simplified.

What is the philosophy?

Humanistic & Inclusive

Course Description:

The program is modular so you can learn the parts you like. Learn the craft of writing in easy bite-size pieces.

To thank you for your interest, here is a gift for you. No sign-up is required. These seeds of wisdom will make your flower as a writer. Click here to get the reference guide.


The Flower Writing System is for you if want a strong foundation in the writing process or you want a refresher.

How to Enrol: