Hi Changemaker,

Welcome to Greyish Green. So, glad you’re here.

Greyish Green is an educational sustainable fashion magazine, chronicling exciting plant-based, people-based, and planted-based innovation.

We are in a transition phase of system change towards a circular, regenerative, ethical, and sustainable model. Yes, we need system change on an urgent level. We need a profound transformation of the current model of fashion, design, and innovation, and how we make and waste in general. We need a transformation that moves away from unrestrained growth that creates pollution and propels the exploitation of people and the planet. We have to shift our mindset to filter design thinking, a paradigm shift. So put on your plant-based glasses, your ecological lens, your

In this pursuit, we must turn to concepts such as paradigm change, sustainable fashion, post-growth economy, resilience, and interdependence for guidance.

You’ll find stories, resources, and courses for writers, editors, bloggers, bloggers, magazine makers, educators, artists, fashion designers, and media professionals to create a kind and sustainable world.

You’ll find stories about inspiring changemakers, activists, and sustainable fashion pioneers, articles about innovative concepts for your toolkit.

Under courses, you’ll learn how to create fearlessly and sustainably, at Textbook.Earth. You will learn complex skills simply. In the resources part, you will find links to time-saving digital tools. It is difficult to keep up with millions of apps being developed and know which will stick.

Being creative often means you are a sensitive spirit or shy in nature, but to change the world you have to be brave and take a stance.

Recognizing our fragile we all are, Greyish Green aims to nurture wallflowers and late bloomers, who want to change the world, who want to share their knowledge, who want to learn to express themselves, and who feel a deep need to make the world a good place for all. Greyish Green recognizes that we are all creative beings and we all have mental hurdles, sensitivities, even trauma and sadness that we need to understand and come to terms with. The solution is the work and your mission.

Do you want to make an impact? Do you want to contribute? Do you want to make the world better with your creative skills and talent? Do you want to be ecological at the same time?


So many myths that have in our minds. A fair, safe, and clean world does seem impossible, but it is possible.

It is important to realize even though we can’t be 100 % sustainable yet, by starting and by trying, we can get there in leaps and bounds. We will practice until we are. To create a positive world, we need to tell a diversity of stories and diverse narratives. Your job is to create a beautiful and kind world in balance with nature by leaving the world better than when you arrived in it.

It’s up to you the way you will do it. So, let’s make a wonderful world.

Let’s make everything better. It is fun to reimagine, to reinvent, to remake, to recycle, to reuse, to remake, to redo. We need to make everything in our world in balance with nature, with the earth, with our ecosystem and with love, kindness, and peace. 

Greyish Green Vision: a peaceful world where everyone can flower.

Mission: to help creative wallflowers from all over the world to write and to create fearlessly and sustainably and to express themselves and document their stories.

DECLARATION of values and practice:

Everything is ecological.

Be, try, experiment

Practice makes better

act and action

Lights, Camera, Action

Dare, care, share

We are Earthcentric.

We are humancentric
The declaration of Human rights are good guidelinesPlurality

Education for all

remember the forgotten and the missing
Transformation takes a lot of energy and patience

Power to the people

Type of Business: Greyish Green is working as a Social Business inspired by Muhamed Yunis model

The Greyish Green UN SDGs

Working on:

Goal 4 – Education

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

Goal 13 – Climate Crisis

“Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*”

Goal 8 – Fair Working Conditions

“Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”

Reading Resources


Thinking in Systems by DH Meadow

System change for sustainability n textiles by Kate Fletcher