Plant Trees, pretty please

One of many solutions to combat the global climate crisis is to plant trees. Yes, reforestation is better than deforestation. However, it is important to know how forests work. Here are only a few key facts to bear in mind

  1. It is not simple to create a forest without some expertise.
  2. It has to be the right trees planted in the right place. This is because some plants are invasive that compete for space. And planting trees in the right soil is fundamental. So knowledge of forest biomes and forest ecosystems is needed.
  3. Trees and plants not only convert CO2 into sugar for their energy but also stores some C02 in their reserves. Quite surprisingly for many, through deforestation, trees release stored CO2 when cut. They shelter a variety of life forms and terrestrial habitats being interconnected with the environment.
  4. Trees communicate with each other through their spidery network of roots as seen in the documentary Intelligent Trees featuring the research of Suzanne Simard. Cutting down forests destroy established networks that have taken years to build.
  5. Healthy forests help in reducing the desertification of the land because of their capacity to retain water.


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