Cool fact one: This sustainable t-shirt is made from made of Algae and Tree Pulp. Watch this timelapse as it composts.

Cool fact two: The Plant & Algae t-shirt completely biodegrades and quickly in two weeks.

Cool fact three: The Algae & Plant t-shirt took 10 years to come into fruition, with 3 years of it in intense focus.

Cool fact four: The Algae is printed using a conventional printer. However, it took some convincing to use this unconventional material.

Cool fact five: It costs 105 euros, aimed at earlier adopters.


Twin brothers Steve Tidball and Nick Tidball are experimental designers and adventure athletes and are the creators of Algae & Plant t-shirt.

Under their forward-thinking company Vollebak, they are on the front lines of Design. Their perspective is futuristic, scientific, and humanistic. They are on a mission to create innovative environmentally smart clothing, changing our conception of clothing, making the impossible possible, using strange and resilent materials such as various algae like spirulina and black algae, ceramic, and graphene, a new nanomaterial, a thin and strong material with numerous application.

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