Everything is ecological. Everyone is good.

Circular Design is good for the planet.

Ethical Design is for the good of people

All art and culture of all people are valuable

Peace is the standard.

Kindness is the norm.

Educators, artists, makers, designers, and storytellers are transformers for a positive systemic change and sustainable world,

We can create a beautiful world for future generations through ethical, sustainable, innovative education and art.

We are all environmentalists at the core.

We are collaborative.

We strive for each other.

Being your authentic self is natural.

We contribute in service of ourselves and of all.

Pluralism is about multiple perspectives.

Biodiversity is amazing.

We are multicultural.

We are neurodiverse.

We are free.

We live in balance with nature.

Cooperation is the ultimate aim, so games and competition are in service of cooperation