REKNIT REVOLUTION – repair rips.

Repair is an important sustainable concept.

Try repairing your knits. Do it alone or do it in your community and spread the word.

Amy Twigger Holroyd created Reknit Revolution to popularize repair in knitting again. Twigger Holroyd is a fashion professor at the University of Arts London and a knitter. Imagine knitters all over the world reknitting mostly, taking apart sweaters, fixing up sweaters, reknitting. Let’s spread the word about Reknit Revolution? Let’s try just reknitting for a while, until we get the earth systems in balance.

If you are interested in this sustainable project, you could create a reknitting workshop or reknit action. On the website, you can get detailed instructions on how to join the action.

  1. Vist the website for details reknit instructions.
  2. Learn the techniques of reknitting.
  3. Try reknitting.
  4. Tell your friends about reknitting.
  5. Share an image of your work and tag it using the hashtag #reknitrevolution
  6. Give out posters to knitting clubls. Here is a link to a pdf, reknit spectrum. See the image below.
  7. Organise a workshop to try out a set of the reknit instructions as a group?
  8. Hang the poster at a fashion event or a repair cafe. Large scale poster of A1 or A0 scale available by request at Reknit Revolution
  9. For exhibitions or fashion shows, the large-scale spectrum, Units of Possibility exhibition, is available for loan.

The exercise is ideal for not only knitters, but also for fashion academics, art teachers, and all educators in secondary and tertiary schools.

The project is is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Feel free to copy, distribute, and build upon it for both non-commercial or commercial purposes. Credit Amy Twigger Holroyd, #reknitrevolution and apply the Creative Commons license to further the reknit revolution.

Accompanying video:

This ReKnit film is by the filmmaker Jonathan Hamilton, that shows three reknit techniques.

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