Craftivism for conscious makers, knitters, crocheters, embroiders, designers, and artists…

What is Craftivism you ask?

Walking through a city, you often see bike racks covered with crotchet or a sign posts wrapped in a knit. These adornments are called Yarn Bombings. The concept of Yarn Bombing is an example of Craftivism. Yarn bombing examples are popping up, giving our city a human touch. Did you know there is an International Yarn Bombing Day on the second Saturday in June? It’s your chance to cover up public spaces with knitting or crotch fabric. The Pussyhat Project is another example of Craftivism. For the the Women’s March in 2017, Pussyhat Project participants wore bright pink knitted or crotched pink that they made themselves to bring attention to women’s right .

Craftivism is Craftivism combines craft and activism. Conceptualized by Betsy Greer, researcher, author, maker and activist, Craftivism is a gentle form of protest against injustice. In her book, Knitting for Good Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism, Greer explains that it is a form of “quiet activism” where small scale is just as impactful. The concept is aligned with “guerrilla kindness”, often anonymous acts of kindness.

How does craftivism work?

If you are a craftivist, you can use your creative skills for good. You can make handmade projects to raise awareness and change the system using handmade objects. Creative activities often seen as hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, sewing become political or social acts. Banners with handsewn messages, textiles artworks or craft workshops in unexpected public spaces initiate dialogue rather than debate. Craftivism actions aim to make a strong visual statement and to take a non-confrontational approach.

Examples of Craftivism

Craftivism is a movement that you can make your own.

A recognized figure in the Craftivism movement, Sarah Corbett of Craftivist Collective did exactly that, building a non-profit organization that offers exciting craft workshops who want to learn how to create gentle protests. The collective create a huge crotchet jigsaw puzzle to raise awareness about malnutrition

A lovely craftivist project is Crotchet Coral Reef, with the objective to counter Climate Change using crotchet. An initiative of Christine Wertheim & Margaret Wertheim of the Institute For Figuring. Artists are invited to create crochet of coral reef artworks.

So many interesting craftivist initiatives. Are you inspired to do you own craftivism project? Try it out.

How to be craftivist:

  1. START with a small project
  2. Select a cause close to your heart – See the 17 UNSDG goals
  3. Choose your craft – sewing, embroidery, knitting, crotchet, photography of crafts, films of crafts…
  4. Plan or jump in
  5. Show your work
  6. Join or form a Craftivist community

Craftivism Websites and Organizations

For more information or if you would like to Explore Craftivism, visit these websites

Craftivist Collective

The Institute for Figuring

Check out the bookstore

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